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Cover for “All Rise: The Story of Ketanji Brown Jackson”

All Rise: The Story of Ketanji Brown Jackson

by Carole Boston Weatherford
Biography, Nonfiction | Audio

For every brown-skinned girl and every Black woman who was ever overlooked or underestimated when opportunities were doled out, Ketanji Brown Jackson rose. Whatever she did, wherever she was, Ketanji Brown Jackson rose to the top. From the time their daughter was born, Ketanji Brown’s parents taught her that if she worked hard and believed in herself, she could do anything. As a child, Ketanji focused on her studies and excelled, eventually graduating from Harvard Law School. Years later, in 2016, when she was a federal judge, a seat opened on the United States Supreme Court. In a letter to then-President Barack Obama, Leila Jackson made a case for her mother–Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Although the timing didn’t work out then, it did in 2022, when President Joe Biden nominated her. At her confirmation, Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first Black female Supreme Court justice in the United States. — Provided by publisher. Commercial audiobook. For grades K-3. 2023.