LAMP staff welcome opportunities to present information about services, equipment, and programs provided to Pennsylvania residents who have difficulty reading standard print because of a visual, physical, or reading disability. Presentations can be tailored to audiences depending on the type of partnership and the population to be served.

General Presentations

General presentations are given at meetings of social and professional groups and various stakeholders, including programs at senior centers, senior residences, veterans’ organizations, schools, and disability advocacy groups, as well as conferences and conventions of librarians, educators, and health care workers.

For Library, Education, Medical and Social Service Professionals

Staff of libraries, educational institutions, medical facilities, and social service agencies can be familiarized with the library’s services, given training on use of the equipment, and provided with information about eligibility requirements for prospective patrons and certifying authorities. This can be done as a scheduled presentation or within the context of a meeting, staff development day, or professional training event. Such training can be designed to suit the needs of each specific agency depending on the population served. For instance, libraries, schools, and Intermediate Units could receive information specific to serving children and young adults with special needs, including visual, physical, and reading disabilities. In addition to information about services and equipment, staff can discuss programming and educational aids involving tactile early development kits and other adaptive technology resources.

Community Events

Library staff also provide table events at senior fairs, health fairs, and community celebrations, often sponsored by State Representatives and Senators, in order to provide printed information, demonstrate equipment, and sign up eligible patrons for the library’s services.

LAMP Outreach at a conference