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Cover for “El Español es la Lengua de Mi Familia”

El Español es la Lengua de Mi Familia

by Michael Genhart
Español, Ficción, Nonfiction | Audio

“As a boy prepares for his school’s Spanish spelling bee, he asks his grandmother for help with some of the words he doesn’t know how to spell yet. When she studies with him, she tells him how different things were back when she was a girl, when she was only allowed to speak English in school. This only inspires him to study even harder and make his family proud. Based on stories author Michael Genhart heard from his mother as a child, Spanish is the Language of My Family is about the joy of sharing cultural heritage with our families, inspired by the generations of Latino people punished for speaking Spanish and the many ways new generations are rejuvenating the language. Michael Genhart’s text is as touching as it is poignant, and it’s paired with the striking artwork of multiple Pura Belpre Award-Winning Illustrator John Parra. Extensive material at the back of the book includes essays from the author about the history of Spanish suppression in U.S. schools and information about the Spanish alphabet.” — Provided by publisher. For grades 2-4. Spanish language. 2024.