DB 114289

Cover for “Feeling of Falling in Love”

Feeling of Falling in Love

by Mason Deaver
Fiction, LGBTQ+ | Audio

“Just days before spring break, Neil Kearney is set to fly across the country with his childhood friend (and current friend with benefits) Josh to attend his brother’s wedding. Then Josh tells Neil that he’s in love with him. With Josh still attending the wedding, Neil needs to find a new date to bring along. Almost against his will, he drafts his horrible roommate, Wyatt. At first, Wyatt (correctly) thinks Neil is acting like a jerk. but when they get to Los Angeles, Wyatt sees a little more of where it’s coming from. Slowly, Neil and Wyatt begin to understand each other… and maybe, just maybe, fall in love for the first time.” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2022.