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Cover for “Gamer Girls: 25 Women Who Built the Video Game Industry”

Gamer Girls: 25 Women Who Built the Video Game Industry

by Mary Kenney
Nonfiction, Science and Technology | Audio

“Discover the women behind the video games we love–from the iconic games they created, the genres they invented, the studios and companies they built–and how they changed the industry forever. From classic games like Centipede and Solitaire to popular modern games like Final Fantasy, Uncharted, and Halo, this book explores the work and history of 25 influential women in the video game industry and how their contributions ultimately built and transformed the medium that we know today. Gamer Girls explores each woman’s contributions to the industry, but also their inspirations and hardships as they worked to create the games that they wanted to play.” — Provided by publisher. Some strong language. For junior and senior high readers.