DB 117038

Cover for “Julieta and the Romeos”

Julieta and the Romeos

by Maria E. Andreu
Fiction, Humor | Audio

“When seventeen-year-old Julieta starts writing a rom-com mystery and posting it online, she unexpectedly receives comments from a mysterious user, so with three suspects in mind, Julieta sets out to find her secret admirer. Julieta isn’t looking for her Romeo–but she is writing about love. When her summer writing teacher encourages the class to publish their work online, the last thing she’s expecting is to get a notification that her rom-com has a mysterious new contributor, Happily Ever Drafter. Julieta knows that happily ever afters aren’t real. (Case in point: her parents’ imploding marriage.) But then again, could this be her very own meet-cute? As things start to heat up in her fiction, Julieta can’t help but notice three boys in her real life: her best friend’s brother (aka her nemesis), the boy next door (well, to her abuela), and her oldest friend (who is suddenly looking . . . hot?). Could one of them be her mysterious collaborator? But even if Julieta finds her Romeo, she’ll have to remember that life is full of plot twists.” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. For senior high and older readers. 2023.