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Cover for “Let’s Take an Airplane: A Hazel and Tilly Adventure”

Let’s Take an Airplane: A Hazel and Tilly Adventure

by Anne Lee
Fiction | Audio

Hazel and Tilly are taking an airplane to visit their Grandma and Grandpa. Taking an airplane is exciting. There are so many things to see at an airport and on the airplane. There are even new people to meet. Hazel is thrilled by every aspect of the trip, but Tilly thinks that their new adventure is a little scary. No matter what the ups and downs of travel, Hazel and Tilly both agree that it’s all about sharing the adventure. This book is an excellent resource for young travelers and their caregivers. By following Hazel and Tilly through the airport, onto an airplane, and to their destination families can help children. 2014

Narrated by Tallulah Moss Lee