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Cover for “The Silly Simba Adventures: Simba Meets Max and Maia”

The Silly Simba Adventures: Simba Meets Max and Maia

by Stephanie Hui, Tiffany Sha
Animals and Wildlife, Fiction, Friendship | Audio

Make sure you have your ears ready to listen and your body ready to move. Max, Maia, and Silly Simba are going to need your help on this adventure! The Silly Simba Adventures series is an interactive children’s book with the intent to facilitate interactions between the child and the reader while having fun! The activities in the book were specifically chosen using an occupational therapy approach to promote various areas of development (i.e. sensory, coordination, fine motor, gross motor, and executive functioning). Let your imagination run wild as you go on this adventure, and don’t forget to have fun! Includes audio descriptions of the illustrations. 2020.